A Beginning

What do I want to write about?

I asked myself this question before creating this blog. What, exactly, could I find compelling enough to write about that someone would be interested in reading? And, in the same breath, what could I write about that I would find meaningful to write about, and could complete summarily, to satisfaction, to the point where I could eventually put down my pen (or raise my hands from the keyboard), sit back, issue a contented sigh, and feel whole?

Probably nothing, and that’s what I’ve realized in beginning this project. In all likelihood, there is nothing that I could write that I would ever feel totally at peace with, and perhaps that’s alright, and even a good thing – because as soon as I feel at peace with something I create I also lose the drive to create.

So, what will I write about? Paralysis sets in when I consider how big – or how small – a project could become. Is it big enough? Is it small – too small for anybody to really care about it? Too niche that I won’t care about it, because it doesn’t answer the questions that I need to answer in order to feel fulfilled?

There’s fear here, and what I have to do is allow optimism to override that fear, to suck it up and turn it into useful energy, dark matter into light shooting out in all directions.

So I’ll write. I imagine that lots of it will be crap, and that’s OK, because at least I’ll be producing something – even if it’s garbage. Perhaps not the most environmentally conscious, surgical, or economical approach – but an approach nonetheless. Fail, make some mistakes, recoup, continue forward, build.

Most importantly, just don’t stop.

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